Trump e Biden fazem hoje segundo e último debate na TV

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Faltando 12 dias para as eleições de 3 de novembro, o republicano Donald Trump e o democrata Joe Biden fazem nesta quinta-feira (22), o segundo e último debate televisivo da corrida presidencial de 2020.

O encontro será realizado na Universidade Belmont, em Nashville, Tennessee, e começará às 21h (horário de Brasília), com duração de 90 minutos e moderação da jornalista Kristen Welker, da NBC. Antes mesmo do início do debate, o presidente Trump já reclamou da moderadora, da decisão de silenciar microfones e dos temas escolhidos para discussão.

O debate terá transmissão na GloboNews a partir das 22h (hora de Brasília), e na CNN Brasil pela TV, site, YouTube, Facebook e Twitter, com tradução simultânea.

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Anthony Hopkins lança perfume com lucro destinado ao combate a fome infantil

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O ator britânico Anthony Hopkins lança o seu primeiro perfume, o “Anthony Hopkins AH Eau de Perfum”, descrito como “uma fragrância atemporal ideal para homens e mulheres”.

A novidade é por uma boa causa. Toda a venda do perfume terá seu lucro destinado a ONG norte-americana No Kid Hungry, que atua no combate a fome infantil. O produto está à venda no hemisfério norte desde a última segunda-feira.

“Os aromas são uma forma de meditação, eles simplesmente mudam meu psíquico”, disse o vencedor do Oscar à Vogue americana. “Quer eu esteja tocando música ou pintando no meu estúdio, a fragrância cria um clima de paz e invoca um estranho senso de gratidão.”

theories, ideas and models – theory development and application – why

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In the final weblog post of our series (concepts, models and theories in nursing – An insight in to the improvement), we have to begin by acquiring generally looked at the “location” of nursing and nursing science. Within this second post (before we get towards the concrete definitions and models, let’s look after once more to work with them why ever the have to have. Let’s begin precise this version using a really clear Posted by Käppli “A profession without the need of definable, know-how and activity will not be entitled to autonomy “(in Kuehne Ponesch, 2004) or, in line with Bishop / Scuder in Kirkevold 2002:Table of Contents:Reading time: 4 minutes / 729 words.”Who do not develop a practice in which it implements its possibilities dead.”Why nursing theories are so critical.

To some generic terms (motives) to name why the care theories need to have:recognize improvement of a “Body of knowlege” essential ideas and formulate care overall performance transparently represent advancing the professionalization of nursing The fulfillment of a legal mandate affecting the self-image of nursing professionalization prestige and recognition by society.Every single purpose per se requires a detailed explanation. Nevertheless, we choose to appear at two aspects in much more detail initial. Deepen be the subject line within your training or self-employed (one example is, concerning the book: models and theories within the care of Silvia Kuehne Ponesch, published Facultas UTB).Development of a body of knowlege.

“The target of scientific theory is usually to describe events, objects, folks, to clarify, predict and depends also prescribe the epistemological nursing research topics ideas orientation and control” Schnepp in Kuehne Ponisch, p 17).Only by way of the formation of a theory (A single body of understanding), the stocks of know-how, a discipline has also secured. Otherwise, it would indeed nearly fizzle.Picture, for instance, it is analysis in the field of medicine, but these exciting and critical results that have particular effects around the lives and well being of men and women that are not detained, but only now and then but passed on in practice without the need of context. No one might be able to adhere to specific procedures, a lot trial and error requires place. What would that mean for these practices, methods and expertise at this point?

Intuitive and experiential knowledge have to be reconsidered theoretically, so it endures! This then creates a separate scientific discipline of nursing. Theoretical function is required to become fair to an expert group to meet the demands and structured and analytical to confront.Care will not be just a series of individual operations or guidelines connected actions in the wake nursingcapstone net of medicine, has to represent this quite clear towards the outdoors could be reflected on care and their theoretical framework.Care services represent transparent.To show the corporation what do care, it requires a specific transparent, otherwise we should not be shocked if a false image.”Theories give orderly and verifiable know-how of care available” (Steppe 2000 Kuehne Ponesch, p.19)”Sure founded theories with durable definitions care about that are produced primarily based on scientific criteria and checks make achievements transparent. to make care overall performance visible is just as significant as for outsiders, where the conclusion is usually produced aware of nursing outcomes so for nurses as a professional insiders. The logical connection of the crucial ideas is understandable. Steffen-Bürgi impressively shows in her perform on “official” and “inofffizielle” Content of care that “unofficial content”, that itself does not recognize such carers as nursing relevant, be provoked by complex and multifaceted care conditions and nurses because of their lack of theoretical knowledge will not be able to address this. As a result, there may be a “speechless” of nurses, which reproduces itself again and once more. For the reason that perceived as well as the observed, which presents itself as a reality for nurses is converted into speech. The use of such language forms other realities. The visible of care, language recorded inside the documentation, the outcome of self-understanding and cognitive functionality in the profession “(Kuehne Ponesch, p.19).This indicates, pretty just, that what the nurse may be the qualified group conscious and is called, a thing is what’s officially and comprehensible and hence what is also made clear to outsiders and also the will need clearly anything.A quote that it brings for the point!A very good quote to this is long 2003:”If you’ll be able to not name it, it is possible to not teach it, study it, practice it, finance it, or put it into public policy.”(For those who can not name it, you can not teach, explore, practice, finance, or contribute to public policy.)This quote sums it all just about towards the point. Mainly because that is what this is about.

Service navigation. Search function. Topic of care models and nursing theories. Class / grade 3 BFA second

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college vocational college for geriatric care.Curriculum reference aim 1 tasks and concepts inside the elderly LF 1.2 Theoretical basis in the old nursing actions involving II models of care and nursing theories (Orem, Peplau, Krohwinkel)Time extent ebp models nursing approx .. hours.Operating method / e iOS.Apps Book Creator (or other e-book app)Technical Settings World-wide-web, headphones, beamers, pupils Tablets 1: 1, file management program.Literature (issue) Schneider, Kordula. Models of care, nursing theories, nursing ideas: basic challenge of care for the training and continuing education. Prodos. 2012th

Description and finding out objectives of this proposal for the tablet use.Within this extended instruction sequence, the pupils are divided into unique groups. A beneficial group size could be four pupils. Every single group gets a nursing model assigned: Hildegard Peplau, Dorothea E. Orem, Monika Krohwinkel. The tasks are annexed material 1-3. Every single group is given a distinctive task. The group developed for this care model, an e-book and prepares an oral presentation towards the class. Classes have been carried out having a comparatively compact class, so only three tasks are listed; with larger classes, tasks could either doubled or a lot more models are introduced (eg Leininger Sunrise model). Then again, more than 3 models of care a very great challenge for the other groups simply because of work time.

As a base material, the groups get the passages towards the respective care model from the booklet: models of care, nursing theories, nursing concepts: fundamental issue of care for the training and continuing education of Kordula Schneider. This Develop the pupils independently. The LK helps and technical difficulties if crucial.The project is designed for various hours, as the models of care are complex and their remedy has to be planned as an e-book and as a presentation. For that reason, it truly is advisable to do this as a project and give notes on e-book dnpcapstoneproject com and presentation. Really should continue to offer their e-books at a specified deadline before holding the presentation with the L, the pupils, so that check the results and can give feedback.Skilled competence: Pupils provide selected models of care and nursing ideas represents


Technical skills: students can …represent the contents with the care model of Orem in their own words. represent the contents on the care model Peplau in their very own words. represent the contents from the care model of Krohwinkel in their very own words.Social / private capabilities:Pupils work as a group a complicated situation in project form and put this within the form of a presentation.Central transferable abilities: advertising media literacy by producing a e-books.More facts: It is actually beneficial if advance theoretical foundations had been commonly treated by care models in the classroom


Starbucks vai atrelar bônus de executivos a metas de diversidade

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A Starbucks divulgou na quarta-feira (14), planos para aumentar a diversidade na empresa, vinculando o pagamento dos executivos a iniciativas de inclusão a partir do próximo ano.

A empresa não especificou exatamente como a remuneração dos executivos será feita, mas definiu metas para aumentar o número de funcionários negros, indígenas e não brancos (incluídos na sigla BIPOC em inglês), em todos os níveis. No nível corporativo, a Starbucks tem como meta 30% dos colaboradores nessas categorias até 2025. No varejo e na manufatura, a meta é de 40%.

Atualmente, os funcionários BIPOC representam 18,5% em nível de vice-presidente sênior ou acima.


Papa apoia união civil entre homossexuais: “Filhos de Deus”

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O papa Francisco, em uma declaração surpreendente, destacou a necessidade de apoiar a criação de leis que protejam a união civil entre pessoas do mesmo sexo.

As palavras do Papa estão em um documentário lançado nesta quarta-feira em Roma, dirigido pelo russo Evgeny Afineevsky. “Os homossexuais têm o direito de estar em uma família. São filhos de Deus e têm direito a uma família. O que temos de fazer é criar uma lei de uniões civis. Assim, eles estão legalmente cobertos. Eu apoiei isso”, diz o papa Francisco no filme.

ideas, models and theories in nursing. – A check out the improvement

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Anybody care professionals who’ve been educated, has come into get in touch with through this instruction with these concepts. And: Anybody visiting a coaching, comes back into get in touch with with them. Frequently the topic is perceived as abstract theory and we wish to pave the blog series in which we check out a definition of terms, essential theorists and a few models / theories (Rogers, Peplau, Böhm) as soon as the strategy to a greater understanding and the abstract in the topic slightly extract.

Table of Contents:Reading time: 4 minutes / 765 words.The Care Improvement – Vital theorists and models / theories.We come initial even for the definitions of terms or the professionalization. In everyday language, as well as within the literature, the terms: concept, model and theory utilized nursing theory analysis paper widely. Considering that the well being care system but quite complicated now, and be drawn for the qualified group of nurses countless queries is actually a clear conceptual structure is very necessary and to create the basis for the improvement of nursing information to the core competencies of nurses visible. The professionalization of a professional group is of great value on the subject of live the theory really.

pioneers of nursing theory.Amongst the pioneers of nursing theory as well as from the younger nursing theorists, the status of professionalization for the fulfillment of socio-political targets of care than is considered especially critical. (See. Kuehne Ponesch, 2004).”With the growing professionalization of care is reinforced in the German-speaking planet since the starting from the nineties came to dealing with nursing theories and-models. Within the qualified group the realization grew that the practice discipline abstract one particular care need to have scientifically oriented framework “(Kuehne Ponesch, 2004, p.11).

Care Complicated.Care addresses each psychological, social and spiritual demands also as with the physical sensitivities. :; Here, the nursing complex new tasks (Hirschfeld In Kuehne Ponesch p.11 Horx 2003 2004 see.) OffersNovel health impairments; Socio-demographic changes in society; Increasing maturity of sufferers and customers; Progress through innovative therapies in nursing, medicine and medical technologies; Boost of overall health care fees; Common resource scarcity within the supply on the population; Societal transform of values ??(e.g. increasing individualization, higher well being awareness, new gender); Enhanced migration and mobility of consumers of unique cultures) escalating widening from the gap amongst rich and poor; Diversity of patient populations (refugees, victims of violence, the homeless); Economization.These modifications in society led ever wish to return to partial reforms inside the well being system, for instance, Expansion QM, case management, suggestions and so forth.)Abilities inside the healthcare of tomorrow.

The nursingpaper com following expertise in the occupational group of nurses ought to (and other overall health specialists) to be additional created and optimized to survive in “Healthcare of Tomorrow” to be in a position to:”Flexibility towards the needs of a changing society; Expertise to handle the complicated world; Implementation of theoretical understanding into practice; Reflection and crucial evaluation with the theory and practice; Capacity to interdisciplinary and multi-professional; Potential to influence policy; Potential to make social and human capital.Maintenance tasks of currently and tomorrow – theories and models to help the improvement.Care is asked to perform collectively with other partners in the well being statements and concepts for the tasks of now and tomorrow. The use of theories and models of care can create this good support “(see. Kuehne Ponesch 2004, p.12).”Many nurses is still a discomfort in dealing with and inside the discussion of theories. There’s confusion concerning the contribution that theories within the improvement of nursing information along with the development in the profession. In this theoretical perform have improved not simply in volume in recent years, it is also observed is that the good quality of scientific discourse has enhanced enormously. This is an indication that the significance is increasingly recognized by theory in nursing. Theory has come to be an integral component in diverse fields: it influences the role of practitioners, consultants inside and-the activity of care professionals, the teaching as well as the concentrate of teaching and directs and styles the research ” (cf. ibid p.13..). p>

Theoretical considering – the method to higher understanding.Theoretical considering has no starting and no finish. It can be held by:Questions can be identified from the practice “a discourse are supplied to become Answered as well as the benefits on the query discourse be returned towards the location of origin of your concerns.That is an up-closing procedure. Nursing theory is based on the nursing practice. (Vgl.ebda. S.13ff).As far as some theoretical considerations anticipated. Within the following weblog articles, we feel our way gradually ran to terms, specific theories and models along with the explanation of your meaningfulness behind it. Nursing theory and nursing may be particularly thrilling and it desirable to know backgrounds and to see what care is also capable in a scientific context. It truly is also to strengthen claim with skilled policy suggestion that nursing as a profession.

Pelo UFC, Anderson Silva confirma aposentadoria após enfrentar Uriah Hall

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O próximo dia 31 de outubro promete ser de grandes emoções para os fãs de MMA. Isso porque, na data em questão, será realizado o UFC Fight Night 181, onde Anderson Silva vai fazer a última luta de sua carreira, contra Uriah Hall, no main event da edição.

Sem lutar desde maio de 2019 e vindo de duas derrotas consecutivas na organização, para Israel Adesanya e Jared Cannonier, o ex-campeão peso-médio confirmou ao site MMA Junkie que o embate vai marcar sua despedida das artes marciais mistas.

“Com certeza, essa é a minha última luta. Eu amo o esporte e preparei a minha mente para isso. Eu me preparei para lutar a vida toda, mas sim, essa é a minha última luta no UFC”, disse o ‘Spider’.

Naturopaths for Psychotherapy psychological counselor

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The “Free Psychotherapy” the health care practitioner for psychotherapy or

When persons permanently expanding calls for are exposed inside of a way too quick cause-changing atmosphere, increasingly occurs need to have for psychological counseling, treatment and procedure. You are looking for aid to reduce destructive or sentence paraphrase optimistic towards demand Gefuhls-, considered and habits designs in orientation deficits in psychosocial crises and existence conflicts, or gain the success coaching to desired goals. Much more plus more normally also leads to psychological problems with scientific importance and acute clinical desires. The official psychotherapy can demand from customers not protect, together with the final result unbearably extensive ready instances.

The health practitioner for psychotherapy or psychological expert face unburokratisch, rapidly and creatively to new desire structures. They are not “scientific” to the number of remedy and counseling strategies of workplace Psychotherapy confined, but provide you with significant once again and creative solutions with the specific case.

The naturopath for psychotherapy has the official authorization for that treatment method of mentally unwell clients and that is typically reserved for doctors and psychological psychotherapists. The Psychological guide can any sort of living coaching and consulting provide you with for hilfebedurftige but healthy during the authorized feeling clients. The marketplace for life coaching and counseling stands out as the okonomisch broader basis, the therapy an interesting subject of labor, if we succeed in the networked buildings of medical and psychotherapy formal Fu? to learn. Paracelsus raised the occupation using the two probable Auspragungen 1979 in the baptism and is particularly nonetheless the meistgewahlte institution for training and training Zero cost psychotherapist. Paracelsus is an official organ for the exercise VFP e.V., most important with about ten,000 associates Competent Association of 100 % free Psychotherapy

assorted expert services entwickelt.Der Paracelsus class clinical practitioner for psychotherapy bzw.Psychologischer marketing consultant is offered in a variety of variants. It comes with the fundamental psychological education, scientific treatment ways, complemented by an abundance of alternative and meditative operation, and develops the non-public emphatic possible with the bestmoglichen usage of the psyche within the affected individual or shopper. Participants who HpPsy approval in search of, also show the preparation for your official Zulassungsprufung.Auf voluntary foundation can the individuals in such a study course from the certification procedure in the Affiliation 100 % free psychotherapists, professional medical practitioner for psychotherapy and psychological counselor e.V. take part. Following a multiple-choice examination and also a authored acquisition and undertaking work they acquire certification as “Geprufter psychological counselor (VFP), associated with the entry on the sign-up on the association as well as in the therapists databases

schooling in the slightest degree educational institutions part-time, multi-faceted in some destinations of analyze in full time.

companies entwickelt.Solides psychological simple awareness, understanding on the restrictions of psychological intervention, the lawful framework and the main psychological and holistic alternate solution for that consulting and psychotherapy exercise taught with functional workouts, person and team operate, supervision and chance for self-discovery and Personlichkeitsentwicklung. the scholars created the empathic accepting inner thoughts, imprinting and Bedurfnissen of people and dealing on alot more adequately and highly effective person predicament methods.

Bacio di Latte lança linha de chocolates em barra

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Um dos sabores preferidos dos gelatos da Bacio di Latte são definitivamente os chocolates e agora, a sorveteria lança mais cinco sabores diferentes de chocolate… em barra!
Isso mesmo! Trata-se de uma nova linha de chocolates em barra, produzida com ingredientes de altíssima qualidade e o mesmo chocolate de origem, o mais puro cacau amazônico, já utilizado nos gelatos.
As barras são propositalmente finas e delicadas, elas derretem na boca, e vêm em embalagens sofisticadas e elegantes, com detalhes em dourado e um toque art déco. O preço é bastante competitivo: R$ 19,90 cada tablete de 80 gramas. Perfeitos para presentear.
Os cinco sabores são:
Também conhecido como 70%, esse chocolate tem sabor intenso e é produzido com cacau amazônico e açúcar orgânico. Para os amantes de chocolates meio amargo
A versão mais popular dos chocolates agrada a todos os paladares. Produzido com 42% de cacau amazônico e leite
Não poderia faltar, nessa linha, um dos nossos ingredientes preferidos: chocolate branco com pistache
Delicioso chocolate branco caramelizado. Sua cor é mais bege por causa do processo de caramelização do leite
Surpreendente! A mistura da doçura do chocolate branco com o azedinho do limão e da pimenta.